Randomize inputs and outputs.

Randomly switches inputs and outputs on command.

Fade controls how much of the old output should fade out if the gate triggers a swap. There is a knob that also controls this value.

Gate When this gate is activated the inputs swap to a different active output. If you had inputs 1, 2, and 4 connected only the outputs 1, 2, and 4 would swap.

Inputs 1-8, by default their corresponding output is the one mirrored on the other side of the device. When the gate is activated they swap to another output. (they only swap to another output that also has a corresponding input)

Outputs 1-8 are the outputs that initially correspond to the input mirroring it.


The modules context menu has a theme submenu where you can change the background to a solid white or black color if you are having trouble with the default background design.


Knob and plug labels can be toggled via the toggle labels option in the context menu.