Synchronized mute.

Mute buttons that sync with the clock.


Input Input voltage for the row.

Output The output voltage if the mute is inactive for the row.

Mute When this button is pressed it indicates that you want this row muted. The voltage will be muted when the deisred ratio is met with the clock or immediatly based on the Ratio knob.

Ratio Specify the clock ratio you want to synchronize the mute with. From /32 to X32. By default it is set to immediatly.

Clock Smute will synchronize to this clock value.

Reset Resets the internal clock values and triggers any waiting mutes when this is triggered.

Auto pressing

You can set a button to automatically press by using the Automatically Press option in the buttons context menu. The automatic pressing will begin when the clock ratio is hit. The row will then cycle on and off until the end of time... or until you disable it.

Soft/Hard Transitions

You can disable soft transitions per mute in the corresponding buttons context menu.

Random Ratio Range

In the buttons context menu you can enable a randomized range value by changing the ratio range slider. This value is relative to the set ratio and only will switch the ratio after a mute is actually triggered.


Smute can expand another Smute module beside it, this sends the button presses, clock, and reset values to the other smute module. This can be enabled via the Toggle {Left,Right} Expander option in the modules context menu. This is useful for syncing stereo signals.

Clock, reset, and button information can travel through many connected modules unidirectionally. A connected clock signal is prioritized over one from an incoming Smute.

Note: Smutes cannot control another Smute that is already directly controlling it.


The modules context menu has a theme submenu where you can change the background to a solid white or black color if you are having trouble with the default background design.


Knob and plug labels can be toggled via the toggle labels option in the context menu.